Wine decanter set

While our website informs mostly about whiskey decanters and decanter sets we have great knowledge of wine decanters and wine decanter sets as well. Wine decanter is used for slightly different purpose – it’s often also called wine aerator, which greatly describes the use for wine decanter. The main purpose of wine decanter is to let the wine contact with oxygen and improve its flavour. If you use wine decanter, you will smooth the tannins in your wine and enhance the flavor of your bottle of wine.

Wines which have aged in the original bottle, most often red wines rather than white, will generally create a sediment after approximately ten years of age or more. This sediment is not only upleasant to the eye, but it can also be quite bad tasting in the mouth. More than any other red wines, these are the ones that should be decanted.

Best wine decanters for 2016:

Here are the best wine decanters and best wine decanter sets on the market:

Best Red Wine Decanter By Bella Vino

Best Red Wine Decanter By Bella VinoThis is probably the best decanter on the market. This wine decanter made by Bella Vino improves the taste of the wine by softening the wine tannins. It’s huge enough to fit 1000 mililiters of wine which is enough for all standard wine bottles. The design is modern and elegant and it also has a slightly slanted spout that allows for easy and drip-free pouring down to the last glass of your favourite wine. Its wide decanter base allows for easy contact with oxygen which improves and enriches the taste of the wine.

Although this wine decanter from Bella Wino is very elegant and lightweight it’s also sturdy and durable so you don’t have to worry about breaking it. The decanter is made from premium lead free crystal glass for the best look and shine. This decanter is also very stable and easily fits classic 750 ml bottle. The whole decanter weights 2.4 pounds and comes with 100% money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the product. All the very positive reviews and our own personal experience with this Bella Wino red wine decanter can just assure you this is the best decanter you can get.

Final Touch Traditional Style Decanter set with aerator

Final Touch Traditional Style DecanterFinal Touch Traditional Style Decanter Set is a very special wine decanter that creates a complex and dramatic presentation when you pour your favourite wine bottle inside. This decanter has 8 breathing holes and it aerates the wine on the first time. The Final Touch glass decanter with aerator comes with stainless steel sediment filter that will remove all tannins and sediments in aged bottles of your wine. The set includes a beautiful blown double-wall glass decanter, stainless steel sediment filter and patented double wall glass aerator.

The lead free crystal glass is surprisingly thick and hard to break. We recommend hand-washing anyway, putting it in the wash machine could damage the decanter. The decanter is perfect for aerating one 750 ml bottle of wine however it can fill up to 4 bottles. The specific design of this wine decanter set assures that the wine is gently disbursed after pouring the wine inside the decanter, this time into the sides of a specially designed globe providing a completely new aeration process. This decanter’s dimensions are 10.2 x 12 x 12 inches and weight of 2.8 pounds. We recommend this product as a gift or for your personal use, it will make drinking a wine bottle a lot more exciting and better tasting.

How long should I decant the wine?

There is no need to wait for many hours, the simple process of pouring the wine from a bottle into a decanter does most of the work of wine decanting immediatelly. High tannin wines such as Chianti benefit from longer decanting so you can leave these wines decant for an hour or two.

Wine decanters are used mostly for decanting red wines, a white wine doesn’t really need to be decanted. There is nothing wrong from serving the white wine from a nice decanter rather than from the original bottle though.

Why should I use wine decanter?

It doesn’t matter if you buy a cheap wine or open this rare bottle that you have been storing for many years, wine decanter will enhance the experience and taste of both of them. Cheap wines sometimes have really unpleasant rotten egg smell when you first open the bottle because of the sulphur dioxide. If you let the wine decant for a few minutes the smell will go away and the final taste will improve significantly.

Can I clean wine decanter in wash machine?

Decanters should be cleaned only by water. Using soap or any other detergent will make it difficult to get rid of it from inside of the decanter and can negatively affect the taste and flavour of your next wine poured into the decanter. Most bars and restaurants clean the decanters just with water as well. We also recommend to clean the wine decanters by hand and not using the wash machine which could damage the decanter.