Whiskey decanter set with tray

If you are looking for whiskey decanter set with tray you came to the perfect place. We tested many different whiskey decanter sets that come with tray and here are the best tips and recommendations for you.

Selecta 7 Piece Whiskey Set with Tray (6 Glasses, 1 Decanter) 

Selecta 7 Piece Whiskey SetThis amazing whiskey decanter set with tray is definitely the best option for everyone. It has proven its qualities over time – it’s the best selling item on various online stores for many years. This set includes 6 beautiful glasses, 1 whiskey decanter and great tray for serving the whiskey. Selecta 7 Piece Whiskey Set with Tray is manufactures by Klikel and designed in Italy. The whole set is created from quality glass material and the rectangular tray is silver plated. The whole whiskey set with the tray is dishwasher safe so cleaning it is very easy. The decanter includes great sqaure stopper that isolates the air from your precious whiskey. Selecta set with tray sells for $42.30 currently.

Dedalo 8 Piece Whiskey Set With Round Tray

Dedalo 8 Piece Whiskey Set With Round TrayDedalo 8 Piece Whiskey Set With Round Tray is manufactures also by Klikel and feautures whiskey decanter, round tray and 6 glasses. Tray is silver plated while the decanter and glasses are made of quality glass material. The decanter is heavily decorated while glasses are slightly smaller than in Selecta set described above. The quality is perfect even though the price is very good. The decanter has capacity of 26 oz (around 760 mililiters) and glasses have capacity of 8.5 oz (250 ml). The tray in this set is also greatly decorated, has 12″ diameter and will surely be a great asset in your private bar. The whole whiskey set is also a perfect gift and sells just for $38.40