Modern whiskey decanter set

If you are looking for modern whiskey decanter set you came to the perfect place. We have two great tips for modern whiskey decanter sets that you will surely like.

Most whiskey decanter sets are imitating antique design. It is very understandable, considering the decanters originate were used hundreds of years ago. However not everyone is a fan of antique design and engraved glass. Here are two amazing and very modern whiskey decanter sets for you.

Lorren Home Trends RCR Timeless Whiskey Set

Lorren Home Trends RCR Timeless Whiskey Set is beautiful, modern whiskeyLorren Home Trends RCR Timeless Whiskey Set, 7-Piece set which is a perfect fit for anyone looking for timeless design and slick look. This whiskey decanter set includes 7 pieces: 1 big whiskey decanter and 6 great whiskey glasses. The whole product was carefully made in Tuscan region in Italy which guarantees top quality. It is part of Timeless collection so you can easily extend the set with other parts with the same design. The material used is clear lead free crystal so you don’t have to worry about your health, this product is definitely safe. This decanter set is also dishwasher safe if used carefully, we would however recommend gentle hand washing for longer duration. The decanter’s measurements are¬†3.5-inch by 3.5-inch by 9-inch. It can hold 25 ounces of your favourite whiskey or any other beverage. The product is awarded by perfect reviews and currently sells for approximately $60.

Ravenscroft Crystal Taylor Double Old Fashioned Decanter Set

Ravenscroft Crystal Taylor Double Old Fashioned Decanter SetRavenscroft Crystal Taylor Double Old Fashioned Decanter Set is one of the most popular whiskey decanter sets ever. Its design combines very modern shapes and materials, perfect for you whiskey bar. Just the fact this decanter set was features in Style Magazine proves it’s indeed very original and modern. The whole set is mouth blow, hand made piece of art made from lead free crystal. This guarantees perfect shape and shine. The bottle is very original with narrow neck and round stopper. The whole product was¬†carefuly made in Europe. Capacity of the decanter is great with 34 oz. while the glasses can hold 10 oz. of the whiskey. 100% rating among customers who purchased this modern whiskey decanter set is guarantee of your satisfaction and well worth of investing $99 it currently sells for.