Antique whiskey decanter set

If you are looking for antique whiskey decanter set you came to the right place. While we also have Modern whiskey decanter sets many people look for old and antique design of their whiskey decanter sets. The reason is simple, the whole idea about whiskey decanters was created centuries ago and it still bring back memories to the old times every single decanter set was a hand-made masterpiece of huge value.

In these days you can select from wide variety of whiskey decanter sets of all designs. We handpicked the best antique whiskey decanter sets for you in this article. Here are our favourites:

Design Toscano SJ45001 Sixteenth-Century Italian Replica Globe Bar

Design Toscano SJ45001 Sixteenth-Century Italian Replica Globe BarThis isn’t only whiskey decanter set, it’s a whole antique whiskey bar! Incredible piece of furniture for anyone with love of history and old times. This sixteenth century italian replica bar is equipped with beautiful globe design portraying 16th century map from National Museum of Science, Florence. It is a perfect gift and very useful bar as well. Artistically hand-painted interior allows you to store your wine or whiskey bottles and glasses. Diameter of the globe is around 21″-22″. Height is about 36″. This sixteenth century replica bar easily fits 3-4 bottles in the inside compartment and about 10-11 bottles on the bottom. The whole bar is being shipped in approximately dozen pieces and is very easy to assemble. The whole Toscano Design bar sells for $189 and comes with free shipping which is amazing deal – you would pay hundreds more for similar item in one of the antique stores and the impression is the same!

Reed & Barton Hamilton Decanter – Wood Tray Set

Reed & Barton Hamilton Decanter – Wood Tray SetReed & Barton Hamilton Decanter – Wood Tray Set is beautiful antique whiskey decanter set that comes in excellent design and quality. The whole set sells with beautiful wooden tray made of American wood. This product includes 1 Reed & Barton Hamilton whiskey decanter and 4 glasses in the same design. Decanter and the glasses are made with Ornate style, heavy weight, made of lead cut crystal. The crystal glasses are ideal for serving whiskey, bourbon, brandy or any other liquor of your preference. The whiskey decanter has capacity of 26 oz while the four glasses can serve up to 12 oz of your favourite drink. The decanter is seriously heavy weight, it weights over 5 pounds, which ensures amazing quality and durability. The wooden plate is equipped with rubber feet for better stability of the glasses. Dimensions of the tray are 19″ x 11″ while being 1″ thick. If you are looking for perfect gift this Reed & Barton decanter set is a great candidate.


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